Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kapiti School talent Quest 2009

On the 20th of August we had the 2009 Talent Quest sign ups. Ms. McDougal and Johnson were the judges of who made it through to the first round. We had all sorts of amazing acts. Singing, dancing, a combination of both, joke telling, juggling, the list went on. Mr. Vaughn, Mrs Davey and Mr. Chambers were the judges. Mr Vaughn was judging costumes, Ms Davey was judging choreography and quality of performance and Mr Chambers was judging on stage presence. They gave the contestants advice on how to improve their performance.
Vote slips were passed around each classroom and everyone voted for who they thought had put on the best performance. 50% of the voting power was given to the judges and the other half were the votes of the students.
The contestants who have been successful in both the auditions and the 1st round of the competition were;

Aimee- juggling

Tatyana- singing

Tayla- dancing

Hayley- singing

Dayna, Alesha and Grace-a combination of singing and dancing

Keelin- singing

Ella- dancing

Jo- playing guitar

Caleb and Dyllan- dancing

Tanelle and Madison- singing.

The rounds have now been split into two heats, two weeks apart. Half of the contestants perform in one heat, the other half in the next heat.
The M.C for the show is Johnson, the stereo operator is Kodie, Elton helped organise the second round of the competition. Another person who has put in a lot of effort to organise the whole competition is Ms Mcdougal.
Ms Davey said that she likes the variety of acts, and she agrees with the votes. She told us the audience had been excellent, and she is looking forward to the second heat. Her advice to the competitors was; 'Practice heaps. If you don't practice heaps, you won't get anywhere.'
Everyone is looking forward to seeing the next heat. Good luck to all competitors from Room twelve!

By George, Anahera and Mystery

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1st person)

It was a very crisp spring morning. Baby Bear wanted to stay inside and play his new video game, and I wanted to watch the bear boxing, it was Grizzly Bear Tua vs. Black Bear Cameron on T.V. But no, Mama Bear wanted to go for a long walk in the forest. Baby Bear and I tried to dig our heels in, but Mama Bear just said "Stop being such a big grizzly bear and I'll make some porridge for when we get back!" So we walked out of the door, along the track to the forest.

The walk was so boring, though I knew better than to say that to Mama Bear! I couldn't believe I paid 40 pounds of salmon for a boxing match that I missed! While I was daydreaming about the match, Baby Bear was wildly chasing a butterfly all over the forest, and Mama Bear was droning on about all the 'pretty little flowers' she saw.

It had been a long walk , but we were finally home. We were all starving, so we rushed straight to the table, where we were in for a surprise...

"Someone's been eating my porridge," I growled.

"Someone's been eating my porridge," said Mama Bear.

"Someone's been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!" cried Baby Bear.

Curious, we moved on to the sitting room.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," I growled.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," said Mama Bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair and they've broken it all to pieces!" cried Baby Bear.

Now we were angry, so we marched upstairs to inspect the bedrooms.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed," I growled.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed," said Mama Bear.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed and they're still there!" cried Baby Bear.

Mama bear and I rushed over to see what was going on. I heard a strange snoring sound, and there it was, lying in Baby Bears' bed, a wierd looking creature like I'd never seen before. It had a golden mane and pale skin. All of a sudden, it woke up and I let out a roar of fright. With that, it yelled something in a language I couldn't understand, leapt up from the bed and ran downstairs, out of the door and along the track to the forest.

I never saw that strange creature again.